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09.11.2021 09:45
The price of domestic weather test chamber Antworten

The price of domestic weather test chamber

Weather resistance test box is a commonly used equipment for environmental aging test box light aging. It is mainly used for reliability light aging test for rubber and cable products that need to be exposed to the outside environment for a long time. Generally, the price of weathering test box is determined according to the needs of users. The price of conventional size aging box ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. If the volume demand is greater, the price may range from hundreds of thousands to millions. To be specific, it is best to first determine the size and intensity of the xenon lamp and other technical requirements according to the test requirements and communicate with the manufacturer to obtain the price of the weathering test box and the technical plan.

The price of the weather test box is also worth paying attention to. Don’t use the price to measure the quality of the weather test box. It is not the low price weather test box that is worth buying or cost-effective equipment, not the higher the price. Weathering test is good quality equipment; it is best to visit each manufacturer to inspect it in person when purchasing, and make a basic consideration of the manufacturer’s production strength and research and development strength. Make a comprehensive understanding of the accessories used.

Many users only care about the price factor when purchasing weathering test boxes. Therefore, many manufacturers have started a price war in response to the customer’s pursuit of low prices. However, most of the problems with this equipment are the materials and control systems. For example, the most common problem with weathering test chambers is that the xenon tubes used by some manufacturers to reduce manufacturing costs do not have quality assurance.

Everyone knows that the xenon lamp tube is one of the main accessories. The working principle of the weathering test box is to simulate the sunlight in the natural climate and do a light test on the sample to check the aging resistance of the sample. However, the xenon lamp tube used by some unscrupulous businesses actually does not have it. The intensity of the xenon lamp, and some even only play a role in lighting, the accuracy of the test results cannot be guaranteed. When purchasing equipment, you must not only pay attention to the price. The manufacturer's manufacturing R&D strength and after-sales service are very important.

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