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The strong breeze infuses into car compartment, Cai Cang Lang is again harmed, and the blood glues to stick a right eye.Can not be correct to control steer device any further, trample next leave to match and put on brakes.Urgently lower speed, however that motorcycle unexpectedly seem to stick the fly on him slow at the same time come down, respond super strong, his feeling to the speed knows that the dint seems to be born.
The vehicle of mading good time suddenly slows down, very easily the occurrence makes track for tail trouble, luckily what Cai Cang Lang chooses is the road segment of signs of human being scarcity, after a burst of Jing soon after, have already approached suburban area.
Blue Bo radicle the Ni Be inclined to turn toward the wayside, the tire wipes four black scars in the cement ground and dragged along more than 200 rices and pared off road flank ground flower nursery, inertial too big, the safety belt almost breaks body Lei.That person similar to him brake, but the slightest have no the least bit unwell, spare time must be good take a walk at oneself rear garden.This his heart read an electricity to turn and understand to meet underworld raid and think of to above want the explaination that he carefully does and just a little repress the chest that the disgusted desire vomits for an instant, too late deliberation, under the cushion touch just- got pistol last night, preparation shoot.
The glass that Xue Mu Qiu's the back of the hand is also aroused to fly mows to open an a son, the skin breaks meat Zhan, blood downwards drop.Lifting penknife to gather together is past, "bald donkey, the insurance of gun hasn't opened."
Cai Cang Lang quickly sees, that handle blade body is sharply narrow penknife have already tied to break his ground a wrist and once wore an of two wrist bones and nailed on the blind side of car door.The pistol Pa Ta drops to the ground."Is oh my!!"Bellow 1, see the blood arouses to shoot half Chinese foot much Gao along with the pressing of pulse, in the heart on arousing to work properly, spew out two tube thick muddy nasal discharge, big sweat Cen Cen but bottom, unwillingly call a way:"What person are you ?"
"Vinaceous Rosefinch street hooligan diamond card cutthroat Xue Mu Qiu is also!" Autumn signal together on falling, and then pull out penknife, ferociously say with smile:"You give offense to our elder brother Bing and live however today!"
Cai Cang Lang's scare asks a way:"Who is elder brother Bing ?I am incognizant, you can't seek a wrong person?"
"Hey Hey, you don't need to be known is who.Let you die the Ming eyes are some, the betrayer comes to a bad end."
Elder brother Bing ……shell Xiao Dan the flank is that person …… is him?Cai Cang Lang suddenly thought of him to just once say:"The person's life only has once, you don't want to easily give up."This will never be playing trick, he has already put into action!Shell house indeed as expected be not easily can give offense to!
Accumulate Wei to surge forward at heart for several years, from pass a resignation to come out a fixed star mansion however more than ten minutes kill such as the thunder but go to, if Cai Cang Lang's heart dies ash, regret, hate bitterly, feel sorry for, oneself why meeting the absolute being make ghost bad is lured by person, betrayal shell a life time Xiang?
But is already late, the Lin Zun elder brother Bing of Xue Mu Qiu teach, is again a knife to put bottom, stab a ground wrist bone, abruptly cut off a palm.He kills a pig sort scream, the way has been beheaded by himself/herself.
"Drop Ta drop Ta", this isn't the voice of blood drop, but Cai Cang Lang fear too much, the moment brain is dejected, Gua about the muscle is out of control, wet a liquid to spray out.
The point knife is suitable to put, but isn't suitable for to chop down, so at Chuo ground bone, the ache is particularly violent, not what ordinary people can bear.Cai Cang Lang's understanding this is a critical point between life and death, incredibly don't faint to go and in great quantities lose blood to cause dizzy buzzing in the ears, already not ability normal thinking.
The engine didn't turn off, this gave him a silk to hope and courageously rose the energy of end fierce on turning round, the intact left hand takes steer device, the better arm is strong to endure acute pain, get to run a pole, the feet just wanted to trample accelerator, his action suddenly have been already lived.
The point of a knife of woodpecker stops on Cai Cang Lang's forehead, that mafia cutthroat body is outside the car, as long as the car flies, on calming down on moving, oneself bumps edge of knife and immediately would be the brains splits of E.
Xue Mu Qiu a jilt long hair, pull out car key to say with smile:"Play what pattern?Is knowing the cat how to make fun of a mouse?I make you run first to all go for a hours."

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