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All of the newspapers and magazines station owner sees in the eye, heart way:"This boy plays a cool skill to pour really and get tightly and also want to make track for a blue Bo radicle Ni, caution doesn't bump a telegraph pole Be getting more unusually lucky."Suddenly the feet scaleboard a little bit trembles of felling, newspapers and magazines station a few metals join together of the place isn't that firm, unexpectedly be shaken Da Da the Da rang to get up, the flat ground curls up a burst of strong breeze, newspaper magazine all of a brainses blow an inside and hang a frame bottom to be used as demonstration ground at the crest magazine to take off a clip to hit in his head.
Wait he to re- open eyes, the in front one is empty, six cars of six people are all missing shadow, immediately the Nu is from the in the mind and break into abuse to scold a way:"Rabbit Zai son, think that the big Ye was also the absolute being of the bicycle in those early years!"
Cai Cang Lang's speed per hour has already attained 150 kilometers, downtown limit soon 60 kilometers, he already far far above this restriction, flow in the car in wear a line, very dangerous, what in the mind want is to trample law and disregard the whole fellings.There is no driver, don't need driver, oneself controls steer device to outstrip the owner of road is to satisfy most .4510 years old be real adventure ground age!
But see a mirror behind a more and more the vicinity district black mark make him cut up rough:"Does the motorcycle dare to also ascend lord trunk highway?How to die all don't know!"On trampling accelerator, become sooner.Too high speed, Cai Cang Lang lacks to toughen, finally hard orientation changeable highway, momentary signs of danger appearing everywhere.
But that motorcycle moment have already tightly stuck a car bottom and swallow not to descend this tone, there are heart and its Jing soon, jerk steer device, fly to flee into the right side a more open spaces street in the intersections, with behind a
The car head of car tightly wipes but leads and pares off to connect string Mars and attend to not ascend unfortunately top-class sports car, surprised emit whole body of cold sweat.
However that motorcycle also followed so to come over!And don't meet with any vehicle!See a mirror behind even can see the hair and the sun bottom that that person turn over to fly gleaming the sunglasses of ray of light.
Che Shen Qiu hopes to attain bare speed and crosses time and space, so calls a love car"time".The original body of "time" is a YAMAHA750 type, but already has been out and out made changes in, the engine releases for American Chrysler car company of the motor of "war ax" four-wheeler motorcycle.This motors ViperV-10s are very well-known, have 10 urns, the total row measures a 8300 CCs, the power is to let all drivers is of crary of 500 dint, theoretically, at 2.Is 5 inside can accelerate 96.5 meters/ per hour, the tallest speed per hour can reach to 643.6,000 meters, but physically want to attain this speed not easy.
Thus outstanding function.Not only win sea, in the whole country also is the one and only, with Xue Mu Qiu's car skill, humiliate a blue Bo radicle the Ni beat a kid with adult similar simple.
In less than 23 seconds, "time" already and the blue Bo radicle Ni run neck to neck.Two cars are separated to only have the half rice the distance.Cai Cang Lang wildly flows hot sweat, extremely highly speed, that person doesn't wear helmet and protection to take and incredibly seem the influence of being free from the air resistance, can be used unimaginable come to describe.Eyes remaining light quick glance, that human face department muscle drive sturdily the breeze drum concuss and present weird distortion and see to oneself and open mouth an appeal, the car window closes tightly.It is what to is out of hearing what to say.
Xue Mu Qiu scolds a way:"Die bald son!Lao Tze orderanies your parking!"Just a , the breeze roaring and shouting then infuses readily a nose.On stretching hand in the small of the back to pull out woodpecker point knife, skill chase car head, car absolute being of call to live up to reputation, the speed per hour of 100 several ten codes list palm car, disappear any rock.The beard knows under this ground of circumstance as long as tremble ascend a tremble.Car will immediately the Qing turn over, the car ruins person Wu.
The sunlight bottom sends out malicious dynasty car window Chuo of the penknife of golden light to go.Hua a , the car window is all broken up, drive once the breeze arouse and enter a car and split a cranium face like blizzard sort book, the glass caltrop is sharp, row Cai Cang Lang head the neck blood sprinkle Li.Car window is the special steel turns glass to make into, even if run out energy with the big iron ball fierce hit.Also however the crack that leaves a few spider nets can't fall in pieces just.

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