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the father-in-law suffered from a leukemia and needed spend money urgently and and lived very hard-pressed, often a person is between each car in sad, the shell a life time Xiang inspection flies electric appliances horse's factory and see you wretchedness, let you enter a head office, also lend you 10,000 pieces of cure illness for father-in-law."This is several years ago, in the company news agency interview reporting of high leadership, at that time Cai Cang Lang especially the idea recollection came out and on the other hand lent this Xiang is loyal to, on the other hand give to belong to employee to set up typical model toward the shell a life time.
Cai Cang Lang nods a way:"BE right, whole at that time depended a shell total I just passed through crisis, however I rooted for a living so for several years, cautious and conscientious, have no penny mistake, have already returned the human feelings to him."
"Have no mistake?You infect by wager habit in 1999, the patrimony spends lavishly an empty, the creditor comes insist debit, you drive cook however, once transfered 4,300,000 a mint of moneys of company to return a wager debt.The company once resolutioned to report to the police to make you serve prison term after discovering, but shell a life time the Xiang didn't dislike before recording and still made you continue in office a finance department, under his help, you quitted wager habit and owed debts with the salary repair, you finally repaid fully after three years."
Cai Cang Lang's honesty admits:"This is also to have ground, however since I have already repaid fully to owe debts, that still has what can say?"
"Is other to have some a small matter, imagine your in the mind to also know very, I not much said, still need to resign?BE what person make you do so?"Old Liao rubs a nose, the Mi rises eyes and turns off a computer page.
Cai Cang Lang is vigilant very much, breeze one silk don't expose:"My mind and body is exhausted, pressure very big, don't think again dry next go to.This was my personal reason, didn't relate to with other people."
"But you controled the secret of a lot of companies, but suddenly fell sick to resign for a ground of time at the shell a life time Xiang, will make people have viewpoint ……"
Cai Cang Lang is anti- to say with smile:"You is what person, this is me and the spoilt daughter of a rich family's conversation, you how always interjectory?"See shell Xiao the Dan accompany by the side of this person, it is oneself to imagine viewpoint never over the person of shell house, get the shell a life time Xiang authorization to manage general situation here, but he useds to see strong wind surge, don't put this young man in the eye.
Old Liao says:"I is who doesn't matter, unique emphasize 1:00, the person's life only has once, you aren't easily giving up."
This young man still really affects a show, Cai Cang Lang looked up at sky to beat ha ha:"I live thoroughly, how can want to die, Sir, you filtered."
"Since so, I not useless talk say more, you go out careful point, never trample dog's dung."
After waiting Cai Cang Lang to walk, the shell Xiao Dan anxiously asks:"Teacher, how should we do now?Again without a person."
Liao learns soldier's mafia to be from, will be used mafia means and comfort to say:"Teacher be your crest beam, don't worry, I will tidy up phased."Do not dare to express in front of her too violent, slip away into inside in the toilet, make a phone call to the hooligan's under charge:"Small white classmate, yesterday shell a life time Xiang one disease didn't rise and received information?The shell surname group is a giant household business enterprise, the person cures of the composition is very big, now once he fall sick and had a petty burglar to come out to cause disturbance right away."
", Hear, the west city godfather Mo Wu Ye I say of, he makes me match with his step.Elder brother Bing, how do you intend to do?"
"The situation is still not very clear and distinct, connecting the enemy is who all don't know, is steady to live inner part first.You seek severals to start the malicious and arrive to green Long Jie quickly, fixed star mansion front ……"said a half, explore successful in career to shells Xiao the Dan call a way:"Dan Dan, you help me card for seeing to have grandiosity Wu and Cai Cang Lang's car in computer."
"."The shell Xiao Dan soon check and say:"Uncle Wu is the BMW of the ZHS3366, Cai Cang Lang is a ZHS2288 of good-looking.
"Like, one is a high big middle age, black western dress, have much of snob appeal, one is a fatty about 40 years old, bald-headed, they may soon come downstairs, you ten minutes inside arrive to, chop these two people's hands.Break the word the Tu of leaving the righteousness, start a little bit malicious, don't need to have mercy on them."
"Understand, south younger brother, your wound be not good?Get up stem to live quickly!"

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