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28.10.2021 07:21
money to buy clothes Antworten

that arrive steer device to all stab purpose blood and navy blue color to take reflection everywhere in the car door, put one to break Zhang quietly on the ground, the blood has already ejected from the blood vessel breaking open and seem to be pale stiff.
Cai Cang Lang's lips are suffused with white, the mood strain causes heart violent to jump about.But very quick because lose blood but slow come down, the forehead leaks out big area sweat liquid, the eyes half piece half shuts, will soon sink into the situation of collapsing the shock.
"Person ground the life only have once, I replace elder brother Bing to your opportunity of one more of existence.Stay life to return to a person that tell backstage's directs.There is elder brother Bing at, who don't also want a milli- hair in the shell house."Xue Mu Qiu says to stir a telephone to the first aid center and said with smile:"Took advantage o you and don't die now, I spoke a few lines again.The Lai skin dog doesn't know forever the reason why male lion likes to eat meat is that what it eat is an excrement.The ambulance issoon and go home to seek wife kid more attentive, in case hereafter have no an opportunity."
The document of chief executive officer's office in the fixed star mansion is more and more, the telephone is more and more intensive.Shell Xiao Dan one face worry:"Teacher.So many people resign and how do?Underneath ground person not all familiar their ability characteristicses, how should fill up this empty lack?"
"At most in the afternoon, at least will half of people kneel to come to beg to take back a resignation.Now, a few of your uncles are afraid to be doing false account.We inspected a circumstance in the past together, how?"Old Liao sits to beside play with her ground hair slightly, 2 people the expression is very intimate.
"But, I don't want to go, I feel very vexed it's very vexed."Finally shell Xiao Dan disposition don't enough, foolish lesser half the sky have already felt very tired of.Is far not equal to is having a class to have fun so much.
"Dan Dan, you father's disease is so heavy, the that time waited to share sorrows solution to worry for him, person, learn to undertake a responsibility.All of everythings of shell house are your responsibilities.Although load the son is very heavy,the teacher will accompany yours."
Shell Xiao the Dan is slanting head think for a long time just say:"It is all right.That sees, we seek several accountancies whom cans believe and lawyer to go together, they are more professional, can see a famous hall."
"We only afraid just set out, they had already received a line report and got all tops the thing of set noodles not be all pure to walk.Had better stealthily go, make them not know."Liao learns soldier's idea careful, secretly work well preparation, " changes a set of clothes first, is all enemy's informer everywhere here, we slip away from the back door, don't cause undesired agitation."
Took out a yellow zipper coat of a rice with a lot of small pockets to pass to pass by.The shell Xiao Dan sees this coat very familiar looking, don't know where once see, suddenly think of Mu to permit blue fell in the class to once wear several times, must be hers.Starting to associate the teacher and her is always all very intimate, is not been one Zhi by chest, say:"I didn't want to go."
"Why don't go?That wasn't I a white to spend money to buy clothes?"Old Liao is puzzling, in times before return well said okay.He can't buy clothes, can't even surmise woman's idea and see an in the market and the Mu permit blue fall just about lichen to take and then buy down.
"Are the clothes what you buys?"The shell Xiao Dan once connected a to see, the clothes were indeed as expected brand-new, still had the label to don't tore on the neckband, returned to Chen to sit while ascending pleased, say with smile:"Really is lately also, teacher to the clothes that I buy, too good!"Is anxious under, make change right away, once the skein of sorrow sweep but get empty, pleased ground of Zi Zi turns around, don't stop to ask a way:"Am I good-looking?Isn't good-looking?"
Old Liao takes out again a breadth along with hide a sun hat to button up on her head, say:"Leave."
"Etc.."The shell Xiao Dan stired an inside track telephone to the secretary:"I read a document in the office and prohibit to make anyone come to bother me and have a telephone you to looking at to cope with for you."
Pull a teacher ground hand, two portraits are the small loverses for hasing illicit love, ghost ghost
Slip away an office, or so four see, discover hallway nobody and multiply by elevator descend tread a fixed star mansion, wasn't discovered by anyone to the first floor.
"Teacher, if fear informer, rather let's sit to rent a car to go."
"Need not use, I have car, and their detection was not."Liao learns a soldier to take shell Xiao the Dan Be horizontal to cross the street, very careful protect she notices or so drive fast of vehicle, small scaled parking lot in the just across the street garden with guarded the aunt of car to hand over brand,

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