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The brilliance on the face of Alice the Yang opened all of a sudden:"Are you serious?I definitely and thoroughly learn and fight for for a year, not, three month study good."
"I hope that you take Chinese language when the time comes six class certificates to see me."The Chinese language has more than 4,000s in common use Chinese characters, various language ideas, language territory and vocabulary, literary reference and idiom, very and complex, be rated as the most difficult learn one of a ground of languages in the world.Medium the sea had a lot of foreign countries to learn for 34 years also after get by four classes to examine, but led for 34 years, Alice's first love state of mind perhaps has already become thin and finds out a Mr. Right and give°s oneself's this old headman to forget, that may be the best final outcome.
"I will like to explain reason with Mr. Mo, tell him that I fell in love with you.My father compares to concern a political and economic benefits, so they can't for the sake of this matter but rupture a relation.Is dear, can I call you dear?"
2 people again kiss, nobody in the forest, Liao learns a soldier on doing not do two endlessly, place at plump Alice round and smoothly chest on crumple to knead.
All of Alice's eyefuls are loves, an appearance that allows a gentleman to adopt Jie.
Suddenly step voice in the distance rings, ocean girl don't care, old Liao but a surprised but rise, start to pull her to urgently tread dynasty the back door walk.
Sees forest a side up, Chen You Nian and Li Wei Liang boy's hand led long to begin to walk to come in.
Drive once these 2 people frighten and drill to go out an outside, already whole have no fascination, Alice clips words English to say with the Chinese language:"Hotel, Liao learns a soldier.
Is Hotel what mean?He shakes, "I send you to return to residence and wait you to learn Chinese language to come to seek me again."
2 people again are subterranean heats once in a very long while Be strong to arouse to kiss, Alice Jiao breathes heavily small and soft, scarcely want to leave.The only business of penitence just has no early and runs into this man for several years, however at present is don't night.
"You are on the car etc. I, I go to and come right away."
Alice hurriedly holds tight his gusset, the meaning is very obvious:A moment also think not separate, you go to which I go to which.
Old Liao is helpless, have to explain:"Is similar to my nephew, I am also the teacher of this school, I want to do a lot of works.The love isn't two personal every second to glue together, giving each other some space will be better."
Alice understood and beat a row of characters, but was urging him to hurry.
Liao learns a soldier to return to small forest and see Chen You Nian and Li Wei Tou get a head to sit on the stone chair, the Nie hand Nie feet walk over there and after death shout at top of voice at them:"You 2!Don't have a class well, hide to do here what?"Voice if a bolt from the blue, the one face of two people is taken by surprise and be like a rabbit leap, it is him to treat to see, this just loosenned tone.
Chen You Nian hasn't yet recovered from a fright and urinate almost a Sa crotch of trousers, miserably say with smile:"Teacher, study too lifeless, we specially come out to change brain, breath fresh air, conveniently discussion study up of views."
"Discuss what problem?"Old Liao sneers at a way.
Is big cold sky of, Chen You Nian puts on a sweat:"We hasn't been understanding the X in the function relationship with Y, so want to study a research."
"You are two all don't understand, how study?Depend a brain to record mental arithmetic?Need not seek to lend more, you what relate to my tube not wear.However musting chase lesson first is best, return to quickly.Cutting class again and then having you next time is good-looking of, the power considers as a warning this time."
Chen You Nian's exultation:"Is unexpectatively so simple and then solve?Still think and button up moral conduct for cent, the every Monday star round in next week stands to me."The dynasty teacher orders, 2 people run.
Return to a car inside.See Alice's beauties of spring ripple, the noodles is suffused with a peach blossom, Chen get the facial appearance is more clearly gorgeous moving, heart way:"The state of mind beginning embraces a ground of young girl, indeed as expected enough beautiful.My house is blue to fall if fell in love, will can't be also similar to her?Or wait you to learn good Chinese again come, the in love like this talks too tiring."
The jade son lake villa that sends back Mo Jia parks the car at the door, the one step of Alice three turn head, the Chi Chu isn't ex-.Is unwilling to part, but also understand before doing not learn Chinese language, they still can't have a result of, the vision entwined more than ten minutes, seeing will walk into inside, suddenly turn round to run back.

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