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full strange wood grain ground ring set is on the his hand.The ring is too small.The accommodation wears tail to point, "I love you!"Alice comes to come and go will a few simple Chinese languages, finally learn a soldier to flick toward Liao, disappointedly walk to return to villa.
Old Liao sighs a way:"Luckily I thought awakening Gao and just have never been fond of to inebriate in the gentle and soft country, regrettable greatly like a rightness of milks sons haven't touched enough.Rather seek small and blue fall, don't know that she lets to make me touch not ……"
According to play set progress, today will be a high tide drama, the maple bridge river water soars.The leading role of the male is brave to save a leading lady, the 2 people love is sublimated, the end final outcome didn't adopt old Liao's suggestion, male the leading role have already done not die, but disappeared.This also be deep red big purple for this film hereafter took a sequel to cover up foreshadowing.Sun Bo indeed as expected and only has business brains, a drama has never finished clapping him have already thoughted of that various decorations go in the days to come.No wonder that is famous greatly director, often clap a blockbuster.
The rouge river bank that flows through showbiz city, the pipe line, faucet and air gun has already prepared to complete, this creates a rain-storm scene to use.The river inside still stops big fishing boat of an iron hull, its function makes a wave.Lift the lifeguard of lifebelt also at embattled, fight for attaining to guarantee complete success.
Is public to raise head with hope, Sun Bo squats down to beside check instrument and again and again sees form, the cousin spoke to deliver two hours ago and how still didn't see person this time?Some persons of dissatisfied cousin peacetime styles all in succession the Nu scold:"Is the whole to prepare to stop to be, wait your one person, how many times do you hold up everyone and lose how much ?"The Ju always wins to then hope he drive the Mu permit the fanatical fan of ice rain surrounds to beat mercilessly, then the crest wears a black eye to enter.
The Mu permits ice rain burnt bright discomfort, don't see person for two days, the telephone didn't also come a , this smelly cousin, exactly make what title?To broker Xu Yan Heng 1, say:"He again not come, I will give him good-looking!"
"Come!"Do not know who exclaim a way, everyone in succession elongation neck, sees snow Buddha orchid drive into parking lot-popular play to this situation, also let everybody to sigh.
Liao learns a soldier to step out of the car, Wen Ruan's body then rushes toward into a bosom:"Cousin, how would not° until now you come?"
Old Liao isn't cold not hot H'm 1, imitate a Buddha not and feel to have specially.
Allow a Yan heart way:"Is this to give him good-looking?"
Everyone again is a sky of fury dynasty again is envy difficult to express:Is very poised and dignified humble polite at ordinary times, to owner a see colleague ground ice will Ms. Yu rush toward into cousin's bosom to act in pettish on his/her own initiative?The blessing that these are several generation sons to fix cent which!He is unexpectedly unconcerned to is a cousin at him so much, if other people early be beaten mercilessly.
Time holds up not to get, as long as the cousin comes to all good company of everythings to measure, Sun Bo hurriedly receives everyone:"Is each each, preparation opening, light, photograph, stereo set, disguise, the shape, field record and check the equipments that oneself is responsible for.Cousin, you change clothes at once.Ice Ms. Yu, does your stage dialogue carry on the back?Since like hurriedly ferment emotion.Wu Dao, keep that fisherman waiting next see my signal launching motor."
Old Liao and the Mu permits ice rain to fight in the play, 2 people break up on the road, this act drama a few days ago has been already welled clap, and it is such to connect down:The sky suddenly declines rain-storm, old Liao starts to read Mu to permit ice rain to need a various advantages at ordinary times, under the heart cant not bear to, urgently wear to turn head to seek her, the time looks for to disappear and finally think of 2 people the beginning meet ground maple bridge, seek pass by.
Sun Bo calls a way:"Faucet, drum breeze machine, the preparation starts work!"
The drum breeze machine of Chiaotou shouts turn crazily all of a sudden, blow a sturdy breeze, nearby staff members all a little bit can not open eyes, the dress Cape hunts to float to fly.A few faucets look up at sky to spew out water flower and spreads to spread at the maple bridge on, drive strong breeze surging, immediately and then had a stormy felling.
Sun Bo pushed old Liao's 1:"Go in ah, wait what."
Liao learns a soldier the bitterness wear a face and shrink neck to run into intertexture the artificial rain-storm of one in.***, This can really call one cold!Cold water sprinkles on the body drive once the breeze blow and quickly take temperature and hurtle to°from the river bank maple bridge,

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