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"You go to all right, don't why and not want me to be an accompanying guest?"
Mo always Tai Nu: I am an accompanying guest!She is basic to see me now such as have no a thing!I just in the art museum, lazy must go out, the opportunity stays to you."Thought a to think, in addition ascended 1:"You don't see her, she can't walk and hold, I tomorrow go to and my father is parents and children's consultation, life and death from life, the rich and honored is on sky."
"That is all right."Liao learns a soldier to lay up a telephone and see to come to this pitiful guy be fought a true Nu.Drive snow Buddha orchid to get to door in the school, see Lin Yin Dao under of the wood system bench sit a girl of light hair blue-eyed.The legs combine Long, the palm places on the knee, the spine is straight, neck and loins form a straight line, typical model of fair lady sitting posture.Female student in the school can attain this only a few.
That girl is exactly Alice.There is nearby no accompanying of Mr. Brown, put a very thick book on the chair, again a little bit farer is a school the classic shape black railroad light, person and view of idea setting especially mutually Chen, suddenly on seeing go, seem very only beautiful movie appearance.Probably surrounding 5,000 meters diameter ground place has already been cleaned up by the parties person of Mo Lao Wu and had no damned rascal to come forward to strike up a conversation.
She far away hopes to see Liao in snow Buddha orchid bridge house to learn a soldier, then the station rises body, the corner of mouth starts to raise charming curve and seems the young girl of onset of puberty to finally run into lover.
The car stops in front of her under.Liao learns a soldier to open a car window to ask a way:"Dear young lady Alice, so good weather don't you seek my nephew to say Zhong bowel with each other?"Suddenly the province rises the other party not to understand, the ground of Shan Shan shuts up, behind think of one belly all of the good phrase swallowed to return to.Damn of Brown, did you get there to go?I can think you tight which!
Alice once the Ying Ying smile and turn over to open book page to draw out a paper that writes a full word to pass to him.Once connected a to see.The top is twisting and wrong to leak 100 ground Chinese characterses:"Dear Liao learns a soldier(Liao word the underneath is without one Pie.The unwillingness can understand):I love you!I think that you are to love mine.Yesterday of situation, I have been aming just thinking, the flank of the lake, there is also piano, I am unforgettable, musical of proof love ……"
Luckily usually correct a student ground idiocy composition, old Liao full head the big sweat finish seeing and all read to understand meaning, this ……does this ocean girl pay address toward himself or herself!It Be getting over.Isn't intentional to put Liu Liu to become Yin, the line head is in confusion bad.
Do you refuse?Is regrettable a cake of greatly and well fat meat.Accept?My old Liao is a never casually man on feelings ……E, he sees the delicate skin and the plump chest in the neck of Alice, heart way:"Being the person has to have a principle!On none of so good girls, that I had no a principle too much."Push away a car door.Did the signal for getting on the car.
Pleased ground of Zi Zi of Alice jumps up a car and all has no fair lady manner.Open book, that is written Chinese German to check against phrase Dian and by leap and bound seek several pages and difficultly check against complicated Chinese characters to copy a words:"You make me infatuate!"Pass the phrase Dian to old Liao again.
Old Liao's drop wore cold sweat to also write German:"Fact be not you imagine of so."
You come me to go toward, again pen talks severals, the short meaning that put fart and then can finish saying at ordinary times has already cost not second half hour, mind and body very fatigue, even if and most faithfully the lovers will be also been of contrary opinion so of exchanges molestation madness.Old Liao's patience finally idles away clean, throw down a pen to sigh a way:"Close two elder brothers and Yue Wu Mu, forgive me unfaithful to ruler not righteousness, I don't like her!"
Alice sees him that vice- lazy appearance, very worried, make a phone call to make Brown deliver a notebook-take translation while falling in love be light bulb, is that the person is knowing vexed, so Alice would rather bother 1:00 and also want to think that the square tries to construct two human life fields.
There is translation software in the computer, click to translate key and then can convert into after inputing a words the other party understands of writing, the province turns over the hard step of book to a page page, exchanges although compare just and quickly 100%, still it is slowly matchless.
Liao learns a soldier hiss one breath, arrive car nobody ground first place again say, here person's bearer go toward, is all student of truancy,

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