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26.10.2021 04:32
matters forgetting before Antworten

the lime of wall has already been suffused with Huang and have no any further at present who will use white the lime paint an outside wall, the wall foot contains Huang grass and field mouse hole and drops the bamboo pole of a hair mildewed on the ground, and that once used to sun clothes.
The full eyes are desolate, one parties Qi however, the ,such as frost, says:"The game that we often ran here to play hide-and-seek in childhood, everyone very oddness why always nobody, grew up not to come afterwards, is your house here."
Liao learns a soldier to sigh 1 and opens to start to be suffused with green lock in the door of copper, air current, flow out into a house, start to blow a burst of dust, thank can not help beating a sneeze such as frost, groped for to find out a switch to pull bright electric light outside the door, connecting of lamp bulb already some aging mildeweds change, but still keep being getting brighter, light one Shan one Shan of, the electric voltage is unsteady.
Everythings didn't change, wood sofa, chair, wooden bench and cupboard, don't close good thing have already been all turned over out by the rats, bite a hideous messly, the main hall eastward wall has one to provide a table, top two black side spectacle frames cover full dust, spectacle frame ex- is a censer.
Liao learns a soldier to wipe the spectacle frame clean with the sleeves and puts back home position and finds out line joss-stick to divide 5 on the table and order up, put to go on pilgrimage a stove inside, then toward parents' portrait respectfullly polite respect Ke three, again say to the ,such as frost, :"Come over, give grandpa elder sister the last pillar is fragrant."
Such as frost shine on to do according to speech.
Liao learns a soldier hair the hair is for a while foolish.The room that walks into side building to originally live by himself/herself is all dry on the bed hard rat excrement, spreads everywhere green dust of river, the cotton quilt in the cupboard because of store not appropriate but hair Huang.
There is still on the desk the Chinese brush-pen to practice calligraphic copy book and open fork in those early years, the glass bottom pressed a photograph, the ,such as frost, kissed to open dust nearby a see.Is three people in the yard of match a shadow, two boys stand flank, a girl stands in the center, depend on sparse can recognize an among those are Liao to learn a soldier, the face is very beautiful and slender, those early years of he without several cents, vicissitudes of life, many a few vigors.The ,such as frost, asks a way:"Flank these two people is who?"
"Those are my elder brother and younger sister, also your brother-in-law and aunt.Your brother-in-law runs away and take your aunt also."Old Liao describes with a delicate touch, don't wish more a story of saying the past.Pear's spending a town is a society with highest man, the my elder brother younger brother of Liao shows Zhao in the outside reputation, he still has a younger sister but not too someone know.
Took out key to open drawer, in save in those early years some first love love letters and several greatly this very thick diary.Suddenly think of the words of ice cloud of Su, find out an among those origins to slowly turn over to see.
Originally there wered still so many matters forgetting before.
Before decade Liao learns a soldier only 18 years old, just arrive medium East Asia university in sea City studied.
On September 6, 1997, on Saturday, fine.Just today arrive medium sea, very not smooth on the road, the purse threw, there is also hard Zan under of school fees.Just going off train is very hard to carry on, didn't also find out the car that the school picks up freshman.There is a little girl that see I have mercy on to I am 20 pieces of travel expenseses, she is really generous, that little girl is the most 14 years old, is the most beautiful girl whom my whole life has ever seen.
On September 20, on Saturday, fine.The classmates in the class all sponsored my many money to hand over together school fees.(In fact is that he extorts the student gets hold of of protection fee)special turned 1 turn in train station neighborhood, wanted to return money to that girl, but sought to don't find out for a long time.Probably she doesn't live here.
On October 4, on Tuesday, Yin.I ran into that girl again at the Xuan force avenue neighborhood today, she is on the car, I have no to call she, probably the business of 20 dollars she doesn't put in the mind.
On November 17, on Monday, cloudy, I run into that girl in the evening, she is laid siege to by several individuals, I go up a help and also send to person's many places to her, she seemed to be not to remember me, I don't dare and say more as well what, the most suffered is to forget and carry money, didn't return money to her.

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