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26.10.2021 04:27
split by thunder ground Antworten

"Liao learns a soldier to see,such as frost, to keep silent, and then say:", That you heel by the side of me."
The grave side dug deep and three meters, the path grows the big pit of four meters, flank the heap Be full to turn over to come up a ground of fresh mud, the insect ant climbs indiscriminately.
Visiting the street ox cart has already spent a big way to turn 3 turns in the pear and slowly wears a town and arrives at east suburb and behind still follow quite a few thousand residents struggle to witness to round a view, the society progresses after law gradually sound, the this personal fights and the affairs parading through streets early disappears completely, the most can on TV movie up see.Re- appear at present, caused a sensation a pear flower town.
Certainly, after hearing that Liao learns the gratitude and grudge quarrel of soldier, Xie Jia and Xu Jia, no man doesn't clap hands for joy, but they didn't thought of and held a meeting the old of last bald to daze four to attend to at that time, the everyone inhospitality watched from the sidelines, the nobody offered help to him, the wall pours at present public push, everyone counts to allow a sin of father and son in the Li, and profoundly think of the old of honest and sincere honesty.
"Beg you, Rao I a dog life!"Ring out to thank shouting of little Lin Si Li Jie on the ox cart, devote major efforts to collide pig cage with the head, because of the pig cage mourn in the half to get empty and sign violent flutter, anti- concuss Xie Xiao Lin seven Huns eight vegetable, but allowed a father and son to arrive at this time at, directly all together collapsed and fainted then, use ice water how sprinkle to all sprinkle not to come to.
Those gatherings are rushed through to come over to force a visit to bury alive ceremony at small bludgers of Xu Jia's villa.
"The throwing into these five shameless louts all pit's inside buries along with for old."Liao learns a soldier to do obeisance a fiesta to complete, the order under charge person starts beginning, and then finds out the assistant of the Xiang of shell a life time to give an account severals:"Tomorrow solve the influence that this matter take out in the precious jade set City, don't leave what future trouble."The wealth general situation is big, a speech can definitely life and death, also have what could not do ground?Solve a few hooligan with tremendous people's angers, even if the Tong comes out, with his means of shell house, also can in brief recover.
He doesn't think again see this act, start to grasp such as the wrist of frost alignment in the center a black bridge car.The bridge car starts and drives to the east street in the door.
The pear spends some families of antinomies in the town, those not that polite to the old and the young son niece generation, the petty thief is small to touch of guy, each Peng however surprised, return to feel remorse go to various, the association of thought thanks the little wood's end today and all drenches with perspiration, the time body delivers cold.Dispute past several years behind, the pear spends a town from now on calmness peaceful, ascend respected a filial piety, old love young, the same neighborhood loves, the night doesn't shut a door, returns lost articles founds on the street and is all reviewed to ten good model towns by the precious jade set City continuously for several years, even many reporters make a special trip to rush through after hearing and inquire toward the local old man why the pear flower town can do so goodly in the modern society of morals imperfection, the old man always shakes:"You can remember, the not filial son will be split by thunder ground."
The old house of Liao's house's leaving old Xie Jia to only have road in the half , for the back alley in the east street in the door, is the cover tile that uploads downs from the Zu brick house, lock in the door has already been pried bad, front 2 are a firewood building, in those early years still contained firewood grain rather many, but early be moved by the generation of the gangster to get empty.Outside ground the lane son is quiet quiet stand several ten attendants, wait for him going home to think of pass by.
Is a courtyard after passing center door, the water pipe has already embroidered a vestige spot spot and stretches hand Ning to open and make an effort clap several bottoms just the jet take rust of muddy yellow tap water.
The moss of the pipe line side slab of stone is withered yellow, the feet lightly trample up, the moss is peeling off in succession, accumulated many slips garbages that drift to come over with the breeze in courtyard, the under the eaves hanged a fish net and also is stained with even a few knots must very hard water grass, formerly the Winter Solstice front and back of the solar division in every year, will arrive old Xie Di's fish pond to go fishing, the fishes in this time are plumps most .

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