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After be over roasts fish, Alice took a shower to change body clothes.That is a set of black skirt that she likes most , grow ankle.Take complicated wrinkly plait side and lace wood grain.The noodles anticipates very soft, drive once the breeze blow, the skirt feet will start to float, kiss a knee and feel very comfortable.Wear long long of the white gloves and an adornment have the wide margin lady's hat to enjoy bird feather very much.The European upper-class society of 19th century ever special hobby was used to enjoy bird feather to decorate a hat very much, therefore caused this birds' becoming extinct.Revive old customs an unrest to blow a world for these several years, enjoy bird ground very much the feather re- appear on the lady's hat, but the price has already become extremely expensive.
Mo Tai always returns to a home to find out the manservant who digs a fart eye malicious beat, changed the recreational type western dress of a set of newness again.But old Liao just washed a pair of face.Is to go fishing and is to play the piano and is to roast again, the swallow-tailed coat has already become wrinkly Ba to expect of don't also feel what not satisfactory.
The sedan arrives Vinaceous Rosefinch street, a motorcycle speeds to roar and shout but leads from the flank, the car is best brandish to chop down knife, Brown is some uneasy:"Mr. Mo.Seem to be not here is what good place."
"H'm?You don't believe Mo Jia at in the authority of sea?We come here, just for experiencing personally an ordinary person ground life.Otherwise the one of my nephew makes next, can let all of those bludgers disappear."
Brown is half believe and half doubt, tell the truth him don't like bar that kind of noisily atmosphere, at in good people and bad people mixed up, and still have the slave the sort to be provided for customer to choose of assist at wine parties miss, the all theses all make people feel seeming to be not that wonderful.
But from don't get his choice, the car has already stopped in the parking lot of sparrow mansion, the bellboy gets them on the nightingale bar.Alice follows behind east to ask west to ask, facial expression excitement.Face this circumstance Brown can secretly shake head, expect thousand Jia the bodyguard of the agreeable company will be useful under a certain situation.
", Pirate bar, I really like."The nightingale bar decorates of the 16th century voyage style make Alice very surprised, loudly call get up.
The girl of the ocean?"A group of people just appeared at the door and had already had cantankerous 23ses
The small rascal rounded up.
"The elder brothers take so beautiful little girl and isn't the everyone to share together?"Have a canthus the guy of a knife Ba to start to clench old Liao's lichen to get:"The Hey also wears swallow-tailed coat and pack gentleman, the brotherses, let this gentleman see what be called a real man."
Is strange, didn't these two days hooligan's persons see a field?Liao learns a soldier interrogative the ground see a busy segment the owner is inside the buffet, dynasty Mo the Tai Nu always make a signal by pursing:"Boy, I have never called attendant heel, you play imposing of time arrive, go up quickly."
Alice is cold to stare at severals to have no a matter to seek matter ground of bludger.
Mo the Tai always pretty much doubt is isn't that he arranges good trap, the Vinaceous Rosefinch street is a hooligan ground site, eldest brother kind presence, there is incredibly also small bludger coming a Zi matter, too leave.However there can be no returnning back, from don't get excessive consideration, Lao Tze is somehow also body condition outstanding athletics teacher, is still the son of the west city godfather, the vehemence is still certain, at that moment and at quiet say:"You a few discards give me the aroint thee."
The tone is icy cold, don't take a silk to fear to a color on the face, the bludgers hesitated, and the knife Ba face then said:"Good boy, you have a kind and play by ear."Take two under charges to back to open.
Chose a little corner to opposite person to sit down, Liao learned a soldier to elaborate on layout background and various mafia story of medium sea bar one by one, Alice is all very interested in one of his topic, forget not just quick.She doesn't like bar, regards as a kind of alternative experience to this and has Mo the uncle beside, what all have fun.
The atmosphere is warm, several individuals still drank beer together.Brown is helpless:The young lady incredibly drank and returned to let the master know isn't sportful.
Mo the Tai always suddenly feel behind and get a tightly, be lifted, turned head to hope to go, the knife Ba face takes ten much personal stations at after death, an ask for is living not of appearance.
More than ten individuals just, the son of the west city godfather still doesn't put in the eye, the cold Jun ground says:"Give you ten seconds to disappear right away,

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