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25.10.2021 05:16
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woman usually all don't the other party what deceiving words ground explain, as long as he is frank, the whole faults can forgive, the feeling disappearance of the heart bottom's last silk Nu Dui must without a trace, show biz inside what scandals can stir-fry to make, perhaps cousin romance is also amuse companies to intentionally publicize of, and last time enchanted an island to say talk in a dream call of also probably was my Su's ice cloud, not the Mu permitted iced rain.
Immediately, to oneself hastily and approximately the Tai always have a meal to pretty much regret, but the matter has already gone to this, and then can not throw down Mo always Tai irresponsible of walk off, Su ice cloud air very not natural, say:"Waited I to had a meal to make a phone call to you like."Wonder 2 people in addition to that volcano island haven't together once dated.
"Like, remember to call me."Old Liao thinks that this just elaborates of phrase, promise without hesitation, anyway permit ice rain with Mu together just happy, otherly can wait hereafter say again not late.
None of 2 people dares to tell the other party a ground of seat sat by himself/herself, respectively the heart bosom evil plot takes leave.
Liao learns a soldier to turn an eye to throw she is to the back of the brain, calculating is shoulded permit ice rain with Mu which hotel more have sentimental appeal-do not come to hand an inside of always don't calculate his/her own thing, doing not open again can also looking at beauty thigh Chan all day long?Was a person to also have no ambition too much.
Drink up a half bottle red wine after, started moving slanting brains."Ice rain, your hand is true white, let me touch how?"
The Mu permits ice rain to bashfully lower the head:"You are really bad, don't go!"
The old rascal has already stretched hand to go to ten on her back of the hand:"Touch for a while again many a piece of skin to you, so stingy why?Come, the cousin sees a palm reading for you, , certainly is to see marriage line first, two proceed together, can know lord body can't the Gu is few to have no depend on, proceed together be apart from very even, the elucidation double is old double of to fly, happiness happy, E, this is getting more strange, top one assist line to say that you must meet true life Emperor, oh tonight, congratulations congratulations!"
The Mu permits ice rain to know that he is flirting himself/herself naturally, but also really rejoices in the heart, lightly the handle knob takes out a time, light way:"BE, the palm reading can don't to get quasi-."The tone is cool, that is the awkward and shy mental state of female kid to make however, in fact the heart is very anxious to him to speak a few lines more.
Liao learns a soldier the nothing important be in love experience and smell speech a foolish:"Originally you don't believe a palm reading, I also see a face reading, fingerprint, iris and listen to a line, analytical DNA diagram and judge the chronic illness dead, blessing of livinging of a person to be fierce to disaster Ji, home marriage and business love from it, and he the older generation son is a cow is a horse, top and bottom 500 years, square circle 40,000 inside, nothing important I don't know."
The Mu permits ice rain to rush toward Chi a smile:"You are really like an absolute being stick, that good, calculate to calculate me ground, see you quasi- to prohibit, calculate my birthday first is several numbers."Her birthday all has a record in the major media star databases and has already held to celebrate the birthday a meeting annually, as long as is her FANS, almost doesn't don't know of and intentionally put forward this in brief"hard nut to crack", the one is to don't want to make old Liao embarrassed, two is to want to see him to have to put he is in the mind.
The Xi laughs merrily a station, the handle knob stretches his in front, center of palm of hand upward the stand is even.
Unexpectatively old Liao sinks into among the profound thinking, pick after meal dessert with the fork, support a forehead, eyes tightly stare at that delicate white small hand, " she ground birthday on February 29 when this is more unpopular or not easy guess on January 1 of date?"
But 365 choose a, all rate what it of small, this is to intentionally make it lively for accurate in judgment remarkable prediction son Liao various Ge?Coughing is a , positive color way:"In fact observe lines of the palm, iris not the ability is accurate judgment, I need to see you similar thing."
"Is another hand?In fact, I the time in March will hold a party with friend."The Mu permits ice rain to see old Liao not to begin to understand and starts making oblique reference to remind him.
Old Liao shakes head:"Is not another hand, what I want to see BE'milk line', everybody's nipple contains the one and only veins, we tell fortune boundary can according to'milk line'of alignment, spread airtight, size, predict your previous incarnation this present life, ice rain, my person many eyes are miscellaneous,

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