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25.10.2021 05:22
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"Is shameless!"The Mu permitted ice rain Nu and led a short moment and feel that the tone is too heavy, talks quietly:"You why old think this kind of mean thing, can be little to speak a few lines?Here there is a skating rink in neighborhood, you teach me how to skate not very good?"
Teach you how to skate, how not just want to sponge on how sponge on?Liao learns a soldier an account not to become and living two to account:"H'm, H'm, eating the satisfied after meal has to exercise much and more in case the body delivers fat."
The Mu permits ice rain close book and holds tight the cousin's generous palm, 2 people shoulder to shoulder, joyfully the dynasty outside walks.
Mo Tai always is greatly talking to talk European general knowledge especially to Su ice cloud, certainly he has already not experienced the blind date concealed to lift.See a big beauty of this unique color the smile have been lookinging at himself/herself, the guess must be a long day of effort have, music is beautiful, the environment is quite, is the atmosphere exquisite, start in a restless and jumpy mood getting up, don't vindicate at this time, also need to wait until a monkey Ma Yue for year?
Take out an elegant gift in the handbag, double eyes brightly, with the lifetime and the most handsome expression, the most gentle and soft tone says:"Teacher Su, I always all really like you, promise to do my girl friend good?"Once the palm turn over and tightly hold tight the jade hand of ice cloud of Su.
Su Bing Yun wants to free from tangle, the helpless Mo sex maniac grasps extremely to make an effort and fear 2 people pull and push saw have no light in the noodles to the other people, and then saw him spoony one, often pour also cant not bear to heart, not know that the 該 says what, have to can be held by he.
There is a piece of dark shadow holding up top of head light at this time, turn once the head see, Liao learns soldier Lan the Mu permit ice rain waist, facial expression smile don't smile:"Teacher Mo, teacher Su, two Be located on my secret rendezvous, be really what a coincidence which."
Su ice cloud threw to brush ground for a while white.
The essence that the men and women have illicit love is similar, but because of father social morals standard, woman red almond the wall be more easily sent a responsibility, besides Liao learns a soldier to embrace of be still his nominal cousin, were the hands of your Su ice cloud all grasped by the somebody else, also had to what rubbish say?
Is momentary four public think each dissimilarity of having, Mo always Tai first is a surprised, again see the Mu permit ice rain, almost the heart of Mao throat returns to home position again, but Europe trip of a period of time, haven't known that two of him clap the scandal on the drama, Cun way:"The relation between boy and big star already very hot arrive like this situation, effort be really get, but my tube don't wear, however see I is courting to teacher Su, should have no you what matter, also don't hurry up calmness of go away?"Hence say with smile:"Teacher Liao, ice rain spoilt daughter of a rich family, blue sky daytime, the universe of Lang Lang, your that time waited cloud to appreciate a month?"Talking the idea of bottom is to don't not know an interest, walk quickly your !
Su ice cloud brain temporarily stops a thinking, two eyes are emptily orthoptic he, the lips wriggle and meant to say what rubbish and finally don't speak.
Liao learns the soldier's abruption character, thought originally want than the other people complicated get many, by this time myocardial a burst of acute pain, originally I want to play with the other people's feelings, the other people are also playing with my feelings, everybody is all free, current of thought surge:"This in this world no one is a feeling saint, or say that everybody is a feeling saint.As I am steeping a cousin, you also heel Mo always the Tai seduce ascend, the gossip is little to say, Lao Tze still has peace of mind to teach to teach a person of don't be eastern to make west to make well, finally make 2 have no a whereabouts."
Quickly recover down, start to pull Mu to permit ice rain to outwardly walk to, say:"Ha ha.That wishes your delectation, the bright moon decorated your window, you decorated the other people's dream, really good!"
Su ice cloud this just came to once return absolute being and tried very hard to of take out a time, stumble to rush to go forward, bumping of loins fieriness table, plate suddenly on jumping, the steak pours to button up on the table, juice water sprinkles Li, Mo the Tai always exclaim:"Teacher Su, you go to which?"
Su ice cloud makes track for one severals, Liao learns a soldier to wipe to permit ice rain with Mu to across into elevator, the doorway closes, in her heart a hasty, Wei high-heeled shoes, fall down in the ground.
The elevator is rapid to descend, Mu's permitting ice rain isn't a fool, once the eye pupil turn and say with smile:"Liao learns a soldier,

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