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Liao learns a soldier to most like that wears wildfire pot and slices a few cow giblets and puts a very thick hot pepper and rows a boxing with bunch of rascals to go to make, then beer big the big be still fierce to infuse, but by so doing steep a girl of fart!Hence he lightly closes menu, ordering of grace:"I am also similar."
Spreads white table napkin, the Mu permits ice rain to ask a way:"Liao learns a soldier, your a big man only the dint bring up a daughter long so big, definitely and very hard?"
Old Liao is adjusting angle in order to make use of oblique angle better appreciate scene inside her skirt, smell speech of Leng for a long time just realize mistake An ground is a Mu and permit blue fall, in time vision of bitchy change into sadness, deeply sigh, hope toward in addition to window, sink into not to know the recollection of the age in:"That is the rain night in a Qi bitterness, we meet in the street around, that is the last time we met, her bosom embraced an infant who cries to pass to me, what didn't say, afterwards I took that infant, the in a flash is to pass by for 16 years ……"
The Mu permits the nose of ice rain to have a little sour:"Do not say, say I wanted to cry.That you how don't seek a women care daughter?"
Old Liao's lies more weaves more big, power gradually have already not accepted to live, have to turn to go home a territory up:"Who do I am so poor, have to be willing to marry me?Go on a blind date some times, the somebody elses all dislike my work pain, the wages is low, alas, it is a long story which, you see me, all day long rice in salty vegetables, have never once eaten one satisfied of, also needs to provide a daughter to go to school, live in Ao water an alley warm air ground cheap apartment inside, winter shall arrive soon, all don't know how the cook pass by."
The Mu permits ice rain to smile to sing ground to see him:"That did you how can and suddenly have snow Buddha orchid?Still have, I was thick to lead Ao fire last night of apartment, landlord said that you delivered a big wealth and had been already moved out, how did this explain?"
When Liao learned a soldier to sign rendered speechless, full head big sweat, utter Chi Chi to say the words were not.A few days ago move house, also especially the idea open guest benefit to show with landlord, alas, person be drive this kind of superficial mental state to harm.
The Mu permits ice rain and says:"Don't explain that snow Buddha orchid is pick up in the wayside of, your this person loves to talk nonsense, really doing not know should believe you which words."
Old Liao maneuvers river's lake for several years and deceives the private of numerous intelligent wisdom and abilities, is worn by the Chuo for the first time, embarrassed have no language, is saying, the bellboy carries a plate to come up and solved his predicament, this guy face is enough thick, easy from if change a topic to walk:"Spending a coco pottage is very good, pretty fragrant of, see to you definitely often have a western meal?"
"BE ah, the company cocktail party is all generally a western meal, also have what elder sister Yan pleased is all French cook, have already become accustomed to, delicious?"
"I even like to have big rice, pork knuckle, button up meat, the small spring onion mixs bean curd."
"Ha ha, you can be really strange and come, we drink some bar."
2 people start chatting some useless talks, these are the men and women to produce the early sign of attraction each other.
Liao learns a soldier to go to the stool after half an hour and ran into at the door while carrying a trousers head to come out beautiful such as floral of Su ice cloud.Face a face reading to touch, too late consider analysis, had to say sentence completely without a clue words:"Hi, so Qiao?"
Su ice cloud also unexpectedly wants to query him the business of "taboo romance", temporarily some guilty, the favour says:", I invited a person and heard that this western restaurant isn't bad, come over, and you?"
"I also invited a person, you whom together?The typist Yan of inside in the school Ms. Jiang is still Ms. Chen of reference room and teach physical teacher Mei?"Old Liao proudly asks.
Su ice cloud lowers the head not to dare to see him and say:"Invite the colleague in the good school yes."
The bathroom someone's friendly intercourse, the Ba wears doorway not that nice appearance, Liao learns soldier to pull her to a part:"Teacher Su, you how have a little strain, is be not where uncomfortable?To, my decision on Saturday return to country, bring back book of diary, for a while have the appliance shadow the company to invite me to clap a drama recently, busy must die and live, and a that girl is still my cousin, all don't know how to get away."

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