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25.10.2021 04:42
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the shell a life time Xiang ground is underneath, once today turn over newspaper and suddenly think of Liao to learn a soldier incredibly and still just he or she's company clap a drama and hurriedly come over to clap Ma Ji is serious.
"Which have what thank to be not thankful.This all not for the sake of my cousin.You since departure blind made break to take progress here, the cousin values very much to 《maple bridge 》 of, E, also have, hereafter have no don't the matter set up for incognizant I, you see, in case of everyone think what I relate to by you to just mix leading role position, that didn't all not negate my ground acting skill and real strenght?"
"?"Lao Lang clearly at the thought of incredibly be also willing to let go of with the influence that Liao learns a soldier the dignity acts in a play, perhaps this is his a fondness for, oneself has never in advance given an account 1 to run to come over, too and rudely, favour not Die apology:"Elder brother Bing, you see, I this all doesn't know.So, you directly drive to send out me to go, a person of oneself comes back, they could not touch head, for oneself guess go to."
"Your boy can also really do lazy job ……" old Liao has no language.
While coming back play set to his ground attitude already is greatly dissimilarity, a cousin Sheng calls specially intimately.
Today's Mu permits ice rain, ratio before whichever time all gentle and soft, the smiling face made amiable, particularly beautiful and moving, talked slow voice thin language, return often took out a small mirror to tidy up hair, connect had a staff member to carelessly sprinkle water to her clothes, didn't care, come the cypress You of exploring the class city, she also smile have been already added, no longer be like so apathetic before, 2 people still together joked words, cypress You city absolutely jubilantly happy, greatly sighed cousin's taste original, designed ice rain attention for oneself be indeed as expected and successfully attracted to the geography elephant.
But Liao learns once the soldier's car arrive, the Mu permits ice rain to throw down cypress Zi to run over there right away and grasps his hand east to pull west to pull, it is some fragmentary topics of the firewood rice oil salts to exert, the cousin is warm and affectionate, other people also nothing important gossip.
The Ju always wins to envy and hate, intentionally the Tong goes out of commit incest topic and photograph have never learned Liao soldier's fame to make smelly, anti- let the fans expect more, the son would not° until figure out what way go now.
"Cousin, you are true today beautiful."Old Liao is freely great a , and then say:"Clap which act, Sun Dao say to work overtime again for several days and then can finish rushing through, that let's continue."
The Mu permits ice rain bashful and infinite, spout a gorgeous brilliance in the eye, the words of his behind listen to none pure.
"Cousin delivers spring!"
The Mu permits ice rain this just the disillusion come over, panic nervous Zhang Shuo:", That good, start."
The drama of the this day basic nothing important high tide details, 2 people acquaint with to fall in love and go shopping and visit mountain to play water, feelings is further, but their ground match pretty much tacit understanding, performance can the turn can order.Each look in the eyes for paying no attention, each small action, all has the deep feeling to see each other thick idea, Sun Fu clapped several 10-year dramas, the love drama once clapped a lot as well and had never been like so satisfied today, completely complete in one breath, there is almost no NG, regardless change to do is who star can not attain this effect.
See appearance cousin indeed as expected hearts beat in harmony!
Have a street scene at noon is the film studio has no, the whole play set then moves to the south city Xuan force avenue, yonder 19th century European style constructs more, also have already repaired to set up agree with very much with manuscript of pirate bar, already heel owner in advance rent come.
Big Ba stops in the wayside, Sun Fu in command of staff member device one connect one to lift down and right against the face and suddenly come to 4 to give or get an electric shock bicycle, in the center is a very big and strong middle age big fellow, the top of head both sides shaves cleanly and stay Mo Xi Gan type rooster head, the ear is dressed in a big gold earring, neck than infant's fist, the wrist nudity comes out of the skin stab a full tatoo, other 3 people all about attire with him, but the age has to be lightly a lot of and look only have 20 come year old.
Four people jump down a car and hold tight a flank a staff member who moves to record an equipments to ask:"You are here who be responsible for?"
The staff member is also a young man with not good temper, see this guy have no courtesy very much, a , don't realize, that strong man stretches handed and then poured staff member sanged in the ground and called a way:"Exactly which is forcing hair a representative director?Come out to talk!"

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