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21.10.2021 08:29
UV aging test box control system For ordinary people, everyone may not know much about the ultraviolet aging test box. In fact, Antworten

UV aging test box control system

For ordinary people, everyone may not know much about the ultraviolet aging test box. In fact, this is a kind of using fluorescent ultraviolet lamp as the light source, and controlling the size of the ultraviolet lamp radiation to irradiate the sample for a fixed time to obtain what we want. The purpose of the aging resistance result is to understand how long the product can be aging after being exposed to ultraviolet rays in nature, so that the product can be adjusted. Then when using the UV aging test box, its control system consists of several parts, let's take a look together below.

1. Ultraviolet circulatory system

The amount of ultraviolet radiation is measured by the display and the internal ultraviolet radiometer, and the illumination and condensation are controlled at the same time. In the internal conditions, multiple products are alternately tested for aging.

2. Humidity circulation system

Since temperature control is the basis, it is the humidity that exists in nature that accelerates the aging process. Therefore, in the UV aging test box, there are multiple conditions of temperature and humidity running at the same time.

3. Temperature system

Generally speaking, as the temperature increases, the reaction speed increases. Therefore, during the entire UV exposure test, temperature control is particularly important. The test temperature selected in the test is accelerated to match the high temperatures encountered by the raw materials in practical applications. The UV temperature in the equipment can be set from 50°C to 80°C, which actually depends on the light intensity level and the average indoor air temperature. Temperature adjustment is a series of operations based on the control panel, using the control panel to set the equipment program to run.

Inside the box, the ultraviolet aging test box uses black aluminum plates and temperature sensors to control the temperature. During the heating process, use a blackboard thermometer to control the heating method to make the temperature more stable. The radiometer probe adopts a fixed type, and there is no need to install and unload the probe when in use.

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