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Didn't expect Liao learns a soldier to immediately after say:"These all nothing important meaning, still drink coffee with cousin the most interesting, lovely cousin, you say which cafe, what time clock?Remember to order good seat, E, conveniently even the hotel also ordered, open a room in the evening, we go to bed together how?"
The Mu permits ice rain brain in great disorder in the middle, hears a front, have never noticed behind of Hun words, and then turn but happy:"That good, wait to descend me to order.You wait my telephone in the evening."
Liao learns a soldier to unexpectedly think that she promises 2 people to go to bed together, immediately Xuan ground in the sky turns:"Good heavens, I am too happy!"
The Mu permits ice rain lightly"H'm"1.
The car unauthorized biography comes to one to bellow, surprised broke 2 people's exquisite time, the favour stretched a window, sees the Wu that the cypress Zi get a slap, is frightenning into inaction wearing a face.
Although played a lot of movies, once dressed up as the rascal of having the sense of righteousness as well,the cypress Zi is in the reality nothing important experience, the car goes straight to rascal but goes and also played to play cool handsome action all of a sudden, the hands put into side pocket, on jilting hair, coldly say:"You, get away right away!"
He wears sunglasses and is dressed in and peacetime great difference, the rascals nature has never recognized that is the domestic and international Fei voice the movie star cypress You city, virtuous elder brother a see where come of hair head boy, even if you are a hooligan also not afraid, south the city isn't the hooligan's site again, at that moment a box on the ear kept pass by.
Wu Yang useds to see river lake dispute, the Nu drinks a way:"Your taking money still doesn't walk, be don't speak rules?Lao Tze at south city also someone, fear you is not?"
The virtuous elder brother Hey Hey smiled:"Money also wants to accept, the rules also wants to speak, just this boy is unreasonable, I teach him."
"Feed!Do you know who he is?He is a cypress ……"
The virtuous elder brother interrupts Wu Yang's words:"Taking care of him is what things, Lao Tze at Xuan force avenue who also not afraid."
The cypress You city turns head to see the look in the eyes that the Mu permit ice rain concern, in the heart on concussing, and then remember oneself's is heavy ugly, immediately disgrace Nu to hand over in, have for dear life heart, climb to say:"The cypress someone of my hooligan also isn't afraid of you."Slowly take out woodpecker point knife, he useds to play movie, facial expression cold Jun, certainly puts very a cow and looks like sky fearlessly not afraid.In the mind but is cringing.
Winning the sea dialect"cypress" word and"white" word is homophonics, the virtuous elder brother listens to walk an ear and sees this guy this etc. Wei power, a windbreaker, grow all skin Xue, what to take is the woodpecker of quality goods at reasonable prices, can not help thinking of the legend of leaf small white, retreat in the hand one step:"The little white dragon of hooligan?"
The cypress You city doesn't know what small white Long Hei Long, also think that oneself frightens the other party and says:"Taking care of you is what person, had better leave right away, otherwise the person canned be Don't mentioned it."
Virtuous elder brother surprised whole body cold sweat, return to absolute being, if true leaf small white only afraid directly come up Tong several knives discuss it later other affairs, which can also give oneself the slap to pour?The mimicry hooligan's street bludger is specially many recently, he must be counterfeit, on flicking fruit knife to keep on chopping to the cypress You city, called a way:"Is polite you milk!Dare to frighten Lao Tze, not and desperately?"
Doesn't Wu Yang already and side exclaim to still have a staff member, don't go again much to how many moneys be, you a lie big movie star body Jiao meat expensive, gather together what noisy?In case of really was chopped down to harm, ask for my old Wu be made track for by the fan to kill, whole is you ground responsibility.
The cypress You city noodles is like soil color, scare to death, fight scenes to all mourn a steel wire in movie, the other party turns on water, or the after the event made use of a computer special effect, the true steel knife kept splitting but descended at this time, there is basically no reaction ground time, see is the situation that meat opens to splash with blood.
The fruit knife is apart from his shoulder half inch only of time stop.
The time that old Liao greatly shows off finally approach, tightly knead a virtuous elder brother ground wrist, imitate if steel pliers.Make an effort a to pull, the fruit knife is fallen off to ground, the virtuous elder brother controls not to live body and fly like of bump to old Liao.

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