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10.05.2022 08:41
Omega applied this deep-sea diving technology to the new ocean Antworten

In the decades since the birth of contemporary diving watches, watchmakers have been challenging new records in the industry. In 2019, Omega successfully set a feat. The ultra deep prototype wristwatch developed by the brand went heavy to the bottom of the Mariana Trench with Explorer Victor viskovo, setting a new record of 10928 meters for single person diving in the world. This year, Omega applied this deep-sea diving technology to the new ocean universe ultra deep 6000 meter professional diving table. It has become the most powerful expert diving watch in the famous watch brand. Why can the new sea universe extremely deep 6000 meter specialist diving desk be the king of the current professional scuba diving table? Some people may confess the waterproof depth of the diving kitchen table also exceeds it for several reasons:
1 . Omega Haima ocean universe is 6000 meters. It is the only plunging watch along with water resistance of 6000 feets among the mainstream watches in the market. Some scuba dving watches are indeed more water-resistant than Tissot, but they are not famous timepieces. 2 . Omega watches seahorse is 6000 metres away from the ocean world. It is a mechanical watch and a mechanical movement. Like Sinn's UX delving watch, it is waterproof up to 12000 measures, but because silicone oil is used in the watch case to resist pressure, it can only be driven by quartz movement.
In addition to the two reasons mentioned above, there is also the most important point for watchers, which is based on strong specialized performance: while bearing the actual professional performance of the strong pressure associated with 6000 ms underwater, this particular watch controls the size and weight, and it can be worn on the hand.

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