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Inside in the spacious office, 78 secretary accountancy's consternation turn head.Just the shell Ju pours to take out a cool spirit and turns in the heart but great anger:This helps a discard, not is say to meet shady character to have to notify?How to is still to make them intrude into to come?
"The owners all stopped the work on the hand and lined up to one by one in order go out."Liao learns a soldier to walk into office, in the shell just the Ju in front half rice stop under, inclined stand, and falsely face up, give him the oppression feeling of a kind of difficult speech, and well meant contempt.
Secretary accountancies are startled to hope an owner, in a state of drift.
Just the shell Ju flicks:"You go out first."
"At do false account BE?Intend to make the niece come off stage?With you does this ability also want to take charge of a lord?"
Face Liao to learn a soldier Duo Duo pressing attitude, shell just the Ju isn't frightened, after all at Yu orchid basin the detail that will ascend in addition to 12 tycoons and minority of confidant attendants, who also can not know, having no personally and realizing then can not understand the awe dint that gentle Liao learns soldier shocking from since then.
He isn't a simpleton, several 10-year business field Sis mix, the careful truth always still knows, from the yesterday afternoon up to now the false account doing work well each time similar then and immediately transfer to go out, cancellation trace, 78 Zhang eyes that secretary in hand leaves are just very small one parts now, and each discrepancy amount of money is all very small, having never learned the accountancy's persons can not necessarily see clues.You and shell Xiao the Dan jilted so two hands to come, doesn't the attendant take as well and exactly want to do what?
Shell just the Ju immediately resume awake, Be inviting Liao to learn 2 soldiers to sit down and making the personal female secretary deliver coffee, press bell to make the street cleaner drag along clean floor."Does Mr. Liao, spoilt daughter of a rich family come here and have what business?The sky media just acquired much share of blessing media lately, there is some disorders in the Zhang eyes.However believe very quickly and can tidy up well, let the spoilt daughter of a rich family look over.Day and night work hard at chores in the I under, the sky media is to greatly get better, the earnings orders maximum amount, and this invites a spoilt daughter of a rich family to trust."
The shell Xiao Dan has already become the effort that the town calms down gradually.Is light 1:"I will see of, just uncle, you don't be nervous, I come to don't audit accounts eyes for the sake of the check today, but speak a few lines with you."Is original they really want to intend to check false account ground, so just turned to pack, but Liao learns a soldier cautiously change idea after deliberating.
"What rubbish?Though the spoilt daughter of a rich family orders, just the uncle goes through fire and waters, regardless the sacrifice."Just the shell Ju claps a chest.The speech not and from the heartly elaborates.
"BE?"Liao learns a soldier to take out river water card cigarette to pass to him, shell just the Ju put a hand:"Many thanks many thanks, it has been several years since I quitted smoking."
Old Liao is cool on smiling, a little bit selfish up, the jet one mouthful thick smoke says:"The shell a life time Xiang disease is heavy, shell family the heart Huan spread.In addition to support clear Jun of the spoilt daughter of a rich family's shell and Ran tiger dragon.There is also your five people, you exactly stand which side, the that time waits form Tai."
Just the shell Ju has never thought his words so directly and has a little to respond to don't come over, the dejected short moment just says with smile:"I am always a bit part, who have energy to manage a shell house most prosperous and flourishing, I certainly follow who."Since falsely the noodles answers, also not reverse side conflict, can be old crafty huge Hua four words.But strong for the meaning of show undoubtedly.If your bond maid has enough influence display to come out, I am certainly loyal to, if have no, that doesn't need to talk.Besides his heart the deep place also still entertain a hope to the position of house lord.If the shell Xiao Dan has no ability, oneself replaces to have can not?
He has two choices now.On being the inside situation that sounds out several brotherses, see them have an intention to the of house lord.When the time comes which side the breeze greatly go toward where the side pour, two is to opportunity knocks but once, never come again, take advantage o the brotherses milli- impromptu, the shell Xiao Dan groundwork didn't steadily pour her spade under the circumstance, oneself Mian Nan calls a king and has a meteoric rise, not as well quick Zai.

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