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10.12.2020 09:00
Cooling system of vacuum pump unit Antworten

Cooling system of vacuum pump unit

The influence of cooling system temperature on the function of vacuum pump unit. In summer, the closed water temperature can reach 35 ℃. Therefore, in practice, it is difficult to ensure that the sealing water of vacuum pump has a supercooling degree of 4.2 ℃. With the sealing water temperature close to full, its pumping ability is also declining, until full vaporization and loss of operational ability.

The working pressure of the vacuum pump and the pressure of the condenser is a dynamic balance process. No matter whether the circulating water temperature is concave or convex, the suction pressure of the vacuum pump must be lower than that of the condenser before the non agglomerated gas in the condenser can be pumped out. Therefore, it is necessary for the seal water temperature of the vacuum pump to be lower than the fullness temperature corresponding to the exhaust pressure.

The vacuum of No.3 unit of a company is in a state of decline, which is due to the failure to change the water in the gas water separator in time, resulting in the vaporization of sealing water in the vacuum pump. The experiment was carried out on vacuum pump a of unit 2 on July 30. The temperature of separator was 16.2 ℃ after pump a participated in 16 ℃ cold water. The temperature rose to 24.5 ℃ after starting pump A. with the increase of temperature, the vacuum decreased. When the water temperature was 30 ℃, the vacuum went about 1kPa, and the vacuum pump current increased about 0.8 * *. When the working water temperature drops by 1 ℃, the vacuum travels about 0.19kpa. It can be seen from this experiment that it is an important way to ensure the vacuum of the vacuum unit to ensure the lower temperature of the sealing water of the vacuum pump in summer.

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